Pure Natural
D-BHB Keto Salts

At Ketonutrients, pure natural keto salts containing only D-BHB (D-Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) are produced, using our proprietary, fully bio-based process. We are committed towards finding solutions that are sustainable and long lasting. Our diverse team of people is working towards a common goal of providing the best natural keto salts to our customers.

About the

Ketone Salts containing only D-BHB

Ketone supplements are mainly known for boosting energy, aiding weight loss, improving athletic performance, enhancing mental clarity, and raising ketone levels in the blood.

D-BHB is the naturally occurring form of beta-hydroxybutyrate in the body, with higher bioavailability due to easier absorption and utilization.

How We
Do It

Fully biological production process
(usual processes are chemical)

Pure natural D-Form as found in the human body

Sustainable production method

Most of the products currently available in the market contain a racemic mixture of DL-BHB, which is not a naturally occurring form of BHB found in the human body, and the potential benefits are unclear.

L-BHB vs.


D-BHB is the naturally occurring form of beta-hydroxybutyrate found in the body and is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body, making it more bioavailable.

D-BHB is the form of beta-hydroxybutyrate that is primarily used as a source of energy by the body, whereas L-BHB is not as readily utilized. D-BHB is therefore more effective as a ketone supplement.

D-BHB is more stable and has a longer shelf life than D+L-BHB.


D-BHB has been studied more extensively than D+L-BHB and there is more data available on its effects and potential benefits.


D-BHB is generally considered to be safe and well-tolerated when used as a dietary supplement.



Chemical Process

Results in racemic mixture of
D- and L-BHB

Enzymatic (Our process)

Fully bio-based process

Only D-BHB as a result


The End Product can be either one of the following D-BHB salts: (combinations are also possible)






There is much buzz going around about the keto diet. With the amount of information floating around the internet and elsewhere, it is important to understand the basics of this diet in both its endogenous and supplemental forms.

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